About ‘Voice in Warsaw’
World Peace Bells have been donated by WPBa (World Peace Bell Association from Tokyo) to different cities ravaged by war. One of them was donated to Warsaw in 1989, but ones it was stolen in 2002, it has never been found. Novak invited students from artistic high school to join the project as a part of their educational program, in order to rebuild the Bell by using their knowledge and sculptural materials.
In May, as the public ceremony a copy of Bell  was given to people living in the area where the primary Bell was based. That gesture remembered us of II World War and became an symbolic voice for non-war world.


Gabriella Novak
Prof. Paweł Kasprzak

Aleksandra Malinow
Agata Murawiec
Aleksander Sas
Sylwia Seroczyńska
Gabriela Sygowska
Maria Szczerbicka
Aleksandra Szlasa-Rokicka
Justyna Panak
Julia Pela
Wiktoria Laskowska
Emilia Rek
Zuzanna Kamińska
Hanna Kołodziejczyk