About: Project Voice in Warsaw refers to war monuments, which creates identity of city and its inhabitants as war heroes or victims. World Peace Bells (WPBs) have been donated by WPB Association from Tokyo, to different cities ravaged by War. One of them was donated to city Warsaw in 1989, but ones it was stolen in 2002 it has never been found.

Artist Gabriella Novak invited high school students to join the project in order to rebuild stolen World Peace Bell and give it back under symbolic ceremony to city Warsaw, as our voice for world without war. Same year World Peace Bell Association decited to donate new monument Peace Bell to city Warsaw in a official ceremony.

Participants: Zuzanna Kamińska, Hanna Kołodziejczyk, Wiktoria Laskowska, Aleksandra Malinow, Agata Murawiec, Justyna Panak, Julia Pela, Emilia Rek, Aleksander Sas, Sylwia Seroczyńska, Gabriela Sygowska, Maria Szczerbicka, Aleksandra Szlasa-Rokicka, Paweł Kasprzak, Gabriella Novak.

Video documentation: Gabriella Novak, Remi Urant.