Mars                                  Solo Show at Detroit Gallery, Stockholm

December-February          Winter Art Show at Gallery of Fine Art Náchod, Czech Republic 


September                          Norra Tornen Art Day, Stockholm

September                          Draw with cat claw Group Show curated with Dani Teeth, Berlin

July                                      Join Art Group Show, La Kania, Skopje, North Macedonia

July                                      Open Studios, AIR Brashnar Creative Project , Skopje, North Macedonia

Juni                                      Live is Life Group Show, Gallery GSA Stockholm 

Juni                                      Ghost in the Machine at Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg 

May                                      Group Show, Konsthall Kåddis, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm 

May                                       Live is Life Master Graduation Show at Bildmuseet, Umeå (Sweden) 

Januari                                 One Day Show in Berlin Group Show curated with Abdullah Mohammad, Berlin