Gabriella Novak born 1982 i Slesia (Poland) lives and works in Stockhol. Novak in her works appropriates the forms that circulate throught contemporary society in order to analyze their ideological content and functional mechanism, it is an artistic practice that involves the critical re-use of forms and images drawn from mass media and society.

“To use an object is necessarely to interpret it.”

“To use a procuct is to betray its concept.”

“I am interested in collective use of forms. “ GN

Gabriellas works have been presented in numerous shows, most recently; ”Personal Space”, performance with Mariusz Andrzejczyk at 7. CONTEXTS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF EPHEMERAL ART in Sokolowsko, Polen; ”Kazik is performing” at ‘Performance Class: a Proposal’ at Maja Bekan’s Ehxibition ’23 Assemble’ at Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

Complete biography at Gabriella Novak Bio pdf