Gabriella Novak (born 1982) is a Polish-Swedish interdisciplinary artist based in Stockholm. In 2022, Novak completed a master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå, Sweden. They also has a background in performing arts, animation, art history, film studies and philosophy. Throughout the years, Novak has participated in Artist in Residence programs and art projects with Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Moderna Museet, Pals Performance Art Links, Supermarket Art Fair, Färgfabriken, Flat Octopus, Galleri Nos, Konstsalongen Odenplan, Candyland, Gallery Thomassen, Bildmuseet, Detroit Gallery in Stockholm.

Last years Gabriella Novak have been combining painting with performance using technological innovations. They has developed personal way of working, by extending body with machines, robots and other technological tools that they invents. Novak’s art explore links between trauma and body, emotions and expression, human body and the artificial body.

The artist’s body is a message and a research field. Novak deconstructs and at the same time designs own body by connecting with something that is outside of him, with which leads to the birth of a new body and a new visual language. It is a process, process of metamorphosis from a biological body into a mechanical one, from a traumatized, sick and damaged body into a strong and self-expressive body.

”My body is a battlefield where ideological issues are being fought over as patriarchy, representation and objectification of the female body, gender unequality”, says Novak.