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Gabriella Novak (born 1982) is a Polish-Swedish multimedia and conceptual artist currently based in Stockholm and Berlin. In 2022, Novak completed a master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå, Sweden. They also has a background in art history, film studies, photography and philosophy. Throughout the years, Novak has participated in Artist in Residence programs and art projects with Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Moderna Museet, Pals Performance Art Links, Supermarket Art Fair, Färgfabriken, Flat Octopus, Galleri Nos, Candyland, Gallery Thomassen and Bildmuseet in Sweden. In 2020, Novak was awarded a scholarship through the Royal Swedish Academy of Art and worked as an assistant to the Swedish artist Cecilia Edefalk.

Novak’s practice spans painting, performance, installation, texts and digital media includes use of AI and algorithms to generate images and texts or to transfer the digital into the physical work. Novak’s work also incorporates programmed robots acting as extensions of the artist’s body. This critical practice aims to explore what defines a body and to use the digital as a means of resisting the hegemony of the corporeal. Resistance both in terms of technology and the internet, where the body is already embedded in gender, age, economy, social class and race. Where representation of the body is clearly connected to capitalist consumption of body as a product.